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for digital Transformation

MANAGEMENT & CONSULT realizes Industry 4.0 – Potentials and digital transformation of industrial companies from concept development to operative realization. This contents the topics process-innovation in the fields of Supply Chain, Operations and Service Management.

The development of the product and service offering by product- and service-innovation as well as the further development of business models. Digital transformation needs also the enhancement of the company-and leadership culture as well as the collaboration models cross-divisional and hierarchical.


We support companies to enhance their Digital Leadership – culture.

Process -


Product- und Service  -


Business Model -


Digital Leadership


Improvement of process efficiency and transition to flexible structures by digital integration of business processes (smart production)

Product- und Service- Innovation

Improvement of product- and service- effectiveness by further innovative development of product- and service offering (smart products and smart Services)


Business Model - Innovation

Further development and new positioning of business models by combining process- and product innovation (hybrid business models)

Digital Leadership

Further development of company and leadership culture and methods as well as collaboration model cross-divisional and hierarchical. We support companies to develop their digital leadership culture.