Your Operating Partner
for digital Transformation

MANAGEMENT & CONSULT is specialized on sustainable enhancement of efficiency and the value of medium-sized industrial companies. As a realization partner of our clients we are focused on the realization of digital transformation in the areas of Service, Operations, Supply Chain Management and enhancement of product offering and Business Model.

MANAGEMENT & CONSULT is your Operating Partner for digital Transformation.




Management System

MANAGEMENT & CONSULT identifies and develops new optimization approaches based on the success factors of the internet: cross-linked, open, transparent, agile.


The digital transformation of processes, products and Services as well as the further development of technologies and methods provides new approaches for further combinations and enhancement of business models.


Beside the technical side of digital transformation, we support our clients on the people side of transformation by activation and realization of Digital Leadership in companies.

We identify and develop the company specific digital road map for sustainable enhancement of competitiveness:


  • We identify with you the digital potentials in your company

  • We transform your business into the digital world of industry 4.0

  • We develop with you your business model, your product offering and your
    supply chain future-oriented and competitive.

  • We accompany your company on the road to smart production, smart
    processes and smart services.

  • We support your company by developing and enhancing Digital Leadership.

We understand digital business models and processes and support our clients to enhance the efficiency and competiveness of their company by identifying and realizing smart processes, smart products and smart services. We demand to be an innovative, competent, and reliable partner for our clients. We work efficiently and goal oriented for the sustainable benefit of our customers.


The success of our projects shows up in the enduring improvement of the competitiveness and the value of the company of our clients. We work target-orientated and prove it by the results of our work.

Based on our long experience in executive positions and change Management we know, that every long lasting success can only be reached by cross-linking and openness to the people of the company. Therefore the “human factor” is on our scope all the time and an important sector of our professional work as well.


  • Innovative
    We identify new growth opportunities by monitoring the latest technology- and market-innovations and transfer them into the operational field of Service Management, Operations, Supply Chain Management, product offering and Business Models.

  • Reliable
    From the first analysis up to the successful realization we are a target-orientated, reliable and beneficial partner for our clients.

  • Operative
    We realize with our clients the potentials of Industry 4.0 and support them starting with the first analysis up to the successful realization by following two principles:

    „Hands – on”
    ApproachTogether with the executive staff and the key player of our clients we identify the most relevant potentials for margin and value improvement and start realizing them from the 1st day. We combine leading- and consultancy-competence, if requested we take over management responsibility as an interim manager in executive position.

    We take over responsibility and share the entrepreneurial risk with our clients by offering a success-based payment where the results of the defined activities are the basis for compensation. In all cases the return on investment pays off in a few months.


MANAGEMENT & CONSULT bases their project on the success factors of the internet:


  • Cross-linking
  • Openness
  • Transparency
  • Agility




Cross-linking allows the involvement and participation of an individual person and enables the participation of the relevant people cross-divisional and cross-companies to identify, to develop and to realize new solutions.



Openness enables efficient and effective collaboration to identify new solutions and to realize them cross-divisional and cross-companies.



Transparency enables the identification and prioritisation of the most relevant subjects cross-divisional and cross-companies



Agility assures the flexible adaptation of the approach on variable requirements and frame conditions to assure the efficient and accurately fitting of the developed and realized new solutions.


M&C Management System assures that our realisation approach is based on a systematic method from the first status evaluation until the complete realization of the target.

Based on the M&C - Management-System we evaluate the company by an 360°-Analysis of the business model, processes, products, culture (digital level of maturity), environment and we reflect on the major trends to assess the status of the company (readiness check). Together with you we develop the target organization and the company-individual digital roadmap.  The agile project management, the operative experience of the M&C Change Manager and the mobilization of Digital Leadership within the organization guarantees the successful implementation of the digital roadmap to fulfill the agreed targets. The continuous verification of status and targets assures consistent target achievement and further optimization.